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Traditional Moroccan style meets shameless luxury at this amazing property in Samburu Kenya located directly on the Ewaso River. I had the opportunity to visit Kenya (my first Africa trip actually) on my last educational January 2013 and MY what an introduction. Initially pulling up to Sasaab and seeing the huge open Moroccan style communal area was definitely a jaw dropping wow factor. I couldn’t help finding myself just standing there in this magnificent space, overlooking the river below. Everything was pristine… every pillow was straight, and not a spec of dirt on the floor despite being in the middle of Sambaru and outside.


Sasaab had my favorite rooms throughout the educational. Open, wide, and an exceptional view of the Ewaso River. The plunge pool was a lifesaver during my stay there! As far as attention to detail, I absolutely loved that they implemented a traditional spear as a sign of privacy in correlation of what they would do in a village of Sambaru. You simply place the spear in a slot in front of the entrance of your room….way cooler than a “Privacy Needed” sign. I particularly stayed in room 7 which I have to say was quite an enduring walk to the communal area, especially after a long day. However, a perfect room for a honeymoon couple as I felt like I was in my own world secluded from the rest.



Staff was amazing, always stopping to accommodate everything I needed and always smiled when I asked for more Gin and T’s. Relaxed and leisure staff went with the whole feel offered at Sasaab. Dougie and Tanya (The General Managers) were absolutely exceptional though. Words cannot describe how impressed I am with them. I think the biggest thing for me about them was that after the first night there I felt like they were friends that I’ve had for years. It was an authentic type of hospitality you can’t find anywhere else in the world.


Just drinking a Tusker watching the sunset on top of a cliff, hundreds of miles away from civilization….no big deal

I think the highlight of activity, or the highlight of the whole educational even was fly camping on top of the rock after sundowners. If you can find it in yourself to leave your amazing room for one night to fly camp I would highly recommend it. Exceptional, relaxing experience that was thoroughly organized. Visiting the local village was also an experience that changed my life and made me thankful for everything I have. Was so great to chat with the locals and to see serenity and peace as they lived such a simple life.




Sasaab is perfect as a last safari stop – a perfect balance of relaxation and raw rugged bush experience! Closing out this post with a few things I saw while out on my game drives:




January 10, 2014

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