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As you look to that bucket list trip, that trip of a lifetime in Southern or East Africa and then read about Ebola in West Africa (Sierra Leone, Liberia & Guinea), we want to share some perspective and our view on what is fact and fiction.



Dallas, Texas – YES
Atlanta, Georgia – YES
Madrid, Spain – YES
Cape Town, South Africa – NO
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe & Zambia – NO
Okavango Delta, Botswana – NO
Windhoek, Namibia – NO
Benguerra Island, Mozambique – NO
Nairobi, Kenya – NO
Serengeti, Tanzania – NO
Kigali, Rwanda – NO


  • Africa is a HUGE continent with 53 countries. Consider this – you are almost 1000 miles CLOSER to the epicenter of the Ebola crisis (Sierra Leone, Liberia & Guinea) visiting Madrid, Rome and Paris than you are visiting Cape Town, South Africa or Nairobi, Kenya.
  • There are NO direct flights from the affected regions into South Africa, nor its neighboring countries (Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique). Kenya has also currently suspended all flights from Sierra Leone & Liberia to Nairobi, unlike North America which has direct flights from the three affected West African countries
  • To-date there are ZERO recorded cases in Southern and East Africa. Cases recorded outside of West Africa are confined to Europe and North America.
  • The World Health Organization has also confirmed that Nigeria and Senegal are Ebola free.
  • African countries such as South Africa not only have preventative measures in place IF there were ever a case in their country (increased surveillance at all ports of entry) but also have 11 designated facilities that could manage any Ebola cases. Preventative and proactive measures.
  • Ebola is not an airborne virus and and simply washing hands with soap and water can destroy the virus. It should also be noted that infected individuals who have not yet developed symptoms of Ebola cannot transmit the disease to others. This information is important for ANY travel worldwide (including within North America).

We are receiving daily texts and emails from clients who are currently in Africa sharing their delight at traveling and not giving-in to the Ebola hysteria so prevalent.

Bobby Zur (founder of Travel Artistry Africa) was just in Africa this past August with his entire family including grandparents, and Tamsyn Fricker (Director of Travel Artistry Africa) heads off to Cape Town, South Africa next month with her husband and kids. There is NO need to forego a trip to Southern & East Africa right now.

This is not so much about risk taking, this is about geography and seeing the facts with full context.

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