How We Work

one point of contact, expertise at the ready, and not an ego in sight. is there anything better?


our process

Travel Artistry Africa was born of a love of Africa and the desire to create unique, personalized itineraries that have an artist’s stroke. Understanding who our travelers are, where they’ve been before, what they are passionate about and what their expectations are for Africa, is the “psychology” of what we do.

Part of what makes us unique is our rejection of all preconceptions – we approach each project and each client with a clean slate to avoid making assumptions or diving into trip planning prematurely. We have an intense desire to step into your shoes, visualize your wish list and then connect you with the best properties and experiences to match that vision.

From initial conversations to customized questionnaires to collaborative brainstorming, we will guide you through the process, bringing Africa to life in vibrant color. And perhaps most important, you will never begin planning with us only to be handed off to a junior consultant or third party as we believe in guiding you every step of the way at the highest level of service.

transparency + exclusivity

Having studied the landscape of Africa’s luxury travel industry for years, with its layered approach to travel planning, we decided to do it differently, with a focus on transparency and exclusivity.

We believe in maximizing value for luxury with line-item pricing and direct communication with Africa in every phase of the planning process.

We enable you to own your experience in the most direct way possible while still benefitting from our leverage and relationships at the highest level of travel.

“What separates us is our knowledge, leverage and understanding of this industry and region like no other.”

bobby zur, Founder